Photo of updated edition of 21 Office Situations book

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of updated edition of  21 Office Situations & How to Deal with Them.

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What is New?

Seven New Chapters + Exercises Section

18.  How to Write a Job Description
19.  How to Manually Check for IQ and EQ
20.  How to Do a Reference Check
21:  In Office – 8 Ways to Manage Your Weakness
22:  Two Things That Helped Improve My Emotional Intelligence
26.  How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
28.  Fire Drills in Office – 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know
Exercises Section – Level I, II, and III (for Managers)

In addition, the following content has been added to existing chapters:

1.  How to Deal with Bureaucracy? (Chapter 2)
2.  How to Present an Idea to Your Boss? (Chapter 3)
3.  Dealing with Authority Figures (Chapter 5)
4.  Non-Threatening, Issue-Opening Sentences (Chapter 6)
5.  Your Working Style (Chapter 11)
6.  How to Give Autonomy to Your Team – Some Examples (Chapter 12)
7.  ‘Outcome’ Fairness vs. ‘Process’ Fairness (Chapter 15)
8.  The Power of Words (Chapter 16)
9.  Dealing with a Weakness in Personal Life (Chapter 21)
10.  My Experience with a Coach (Chapter 23)
11.  Why You Need to Be Proactive in Your Appraisal (Chapter 25)
12.  3 New Management Books Reviewed (Chapter 27)
13.  How to Gain World-Class Knowledge in Less Time (Chapter 27)

As usual, each chapter has identifiable examples.

I continue to strive to make the book an all-purpose, reference guide on office situations and this edition – after a gap of 3 years – is a step towards that.

I hope you will find the updated book more helpful.

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