21 Office Situations & How to Deal With Them

Each day brings with it a fresh set of challenges.

We put in long and hard hours to address them and to master them.

But are these one-of-a-kind situations really different?

A detached look will reveal – while the specifics of a situation we face, will change from one to the next, at their core they all raise the same set of demands on us.

How to escalate an issue?
What to do when ‘A’ says ‘B’ will do, ‘B’ says ‘A’ should do?
How to deal with a Senior who does not respond?
How to strengthen Due Diligence?
How to manage a Big team?
How to reduce Meetings and Conference Calls?
How to get a 5 (Excellent) in Appraisal?

How do you respond to these innate challenges?

Could there be another, better way of handling these situations?

For the first time comes a book that attempts to address these and many such on-the-ground situations faced by managers and officers.

Anil Karamchandani, an experienced manager, uses his 15+ years of experience, to show – some with anecdotes, some with examples – how to master these situations.

The book has 21 articles, none of which should take you more than 10 minutes to read and implement. As an aside, they will help to ease the pressure off any boss, while helping to sharpen the execution skills within a team.

Read a Sample Chapter.

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