“I received the book yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing this gem of a book. I just couldn’t put it down from the moment I started reading this. This book should be part of every organization’s internal library and must be promoted extensively. In fact I started using some of the concepts from this morning with miraculous results and speed. Will recommend it strongly once I am through with it. Once again let me put it on record – This book is a professional game changer and will be a ready reckoner that will stay with me for life.”
Anish Mascrene, National Training Manager, Yes Bank

“Thank you for bringing out this great handheld book. This is helping me immensely in my new role at a senior level. This is now become a daily habit of reading each chapter every day even though I have read it several times. Every time I read, I get a new perspective. Thanks again!”
Rohit Manohar, Head of Ops, Karvy Computershare

“Sir, I read Chapter 3: How to get Okay in a minute? I must tell you that your valuable advice i.e. ‘reduce your Boss’ role to a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, is giving me great results. The examples have helped me implement: How to convert a 15-minute issue, into a 1-minute decision-task for the boss. Thank you so much for this!!”
Rahul Khanna, on Amazon.in

“A good book! A chapter that stood out for me a Chapter 19 – How to get a 5 (excellent) in Appraisal? The way one should manage their appraisal has been so smartly advised. In my work life I have seen people fail to mention about so many achievements that they would have worked during the year – and that costs them their appraisal rating. However if the advise of a monthly achievements email (to boss) as mentioned in the book (and shown with a sample email) is followed it will surely make a big difference!”
CD, on Amazon.in

“I find the book extremely useful and a ready reckoner for day-to-day office routine.”
Sujit Goswami, Senior VP, RBL Bank

“The first thing that struck me about the book was how each office situation is broken down to reveal the core issue, without overlooking any of the attendant side-effects. The author has clearly been there, done that and his years of experience shine through in his ability to simplify action items, while remaining utterly practical all the time. Advice given in some chapters like ‘Why a VP won’t revert to your email?’ or ‘How to escalate?’ is pure common sense – simple and easy to implement – which is often found lacking in some corporate set-ups today. On the other hand, the tips given for better due diligence call for more sustained effort and change in working styles. Sections on being a good boss, email communication and preparing for appraisals are covered in superb detail. … All in all, it is a ‘must-read and imbibe’ book for everyone who wants to create a better work environment for themselves and their teams… Anil, Thank You for writing this book!!”
Pankaj Pradhan, on Amazon.in

“I really thank you for handing over a useful tool in my professional journey. I am all excited to complete this book within this week and use this as a ready reckoner to face any typical situation in a better way.”
Deepak, through Email.

“I already started getting results after reading 2 chapters. Really helpful”
Susai Raj, through Facebook page.

“Thank you so much .. I have started reading it. It is really amazing. Every page and incident reported is so real as we can always relate the same in our day to day life and it has started working in my life. I send one email to my boss 4 grades senior who was not replying after reminders, he has responded me instantly after changes done in the email as suggested in your book……So amazing, it works”
D Sharma, on Email.

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