Hi. I’m Anil Karamchandani

I’m a Mumbai-based former manager and author of the book  21 Office Situations & How to Deal with Them.

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Book Cover - 21 Office Situations

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Sample Chapters

Read 2  Chapters from the book below.

1.   What to do when a Senior does not respond?  

25.  How to get a 5 (excellent) in Appraisal?   

Have recently updated the book.

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What Readers Say

“I am impressed with the insights Anil has brought forth, on typical workplace situations and ways to handle them.”
Paul Abraham, COO, IndusInd Bank

“I received the book yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing this gem of a book. I just couldn’t put it down from the moment I started reading this. This book should be part of every organization’s internal library and must be promoted extensively. In fact, I started using some of the concepts from this morning with miraculous results and speed. Will recommend it strongly once I am through with it. Once again let me put it on record – This book is a professional game changer and will be a ready reckoner that will stay with me for life.”
Anish, National Manager, Training 

“Thank you for bringing out this great handheld book. This is helping me immensely in my new role at a senior level. This has now become a daily habit of reading each chapter every day even though I have read it several times. Every time I read, I get a new perspective. Thanks again!”
Rohit, Senior Manager

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Why I wrote the book 

There is a type of execution, very basic, that has always interested me. It is what officers – any officer of any company – face in a typical workday.

Situations like:

How to Escalate an issue?
What to do when a Senior does not respond?
What to do when the Boss says No?
How to get a 5 (Excellent) in Appraisal?

… and so on

While the specifics of the situations we face will change from one to the next, at their core they all raise the same set of demands on us. And they will rise irrespective of the magnitude of tasks – be it our tinkering for small improvements or our pursuit of close-to-heart, month-long projects.

These seemingly everyday situations have potential.

Handled inefficiently, they could lead to delay, frayed relations between departments, and the most common – the need for the boss’s intervention.

We usually consider these situations as part of learning. And do it, as we see others do it.

But what if there was a different and a better way of handling these situations?

What if there was a default way, a kind of uniform key, to address these situations – so that they don’t take up much time, every time?

In the book, I refer to some such situations and suggest a course of action for each.

Inherent in all the chapters is – a short half-page overview of the topic, full-fledged examples, and a solution you can replicate at work.

The Goal

My goal all along has been to write a comprehensive, all-inclusive book on office situations which you can keep at your desk for ready reference.

With the latest update, I feel the book is almost there.


Who is this book for

People working in the corporate sector; from someone just starting out, to a manager, managing a team.

If you are an individual contributor, it will help you to do your work with less effort, from the comfort of your seat. If you are a manager, you will get suggestions on how to harness the power of your team.

The book is available on Amazon.in

About Me

I am a Mumbai-based former manager. 

I worked with ABN AMRO Bank, India and later when it merged with The Royal Bank of Scotland (1994 – 2011).

I love reading management / self-help books. Some of my articles have been published in The Huffington Post, People Matters and Mint too.

You can reach me at – anil@anilkaramchandani.com / +91 9082728611

What I’m doing now – You can read it here.